The British Media is Bad News for Parking…

The story is this. A woman spent an hour talking a potential suicide off a bridge. She returned to her car and found a ticket on it. She told the parking company what had happened and included a letter from the local police commending her on her bravery. They first refused to rescind the $100 fine, but later acquiesced and forgave the ticket.

  1. Oh please – don’t you idiots know that the press is lying for you to do something bone dead like this. Doesn’t anyone even look at requests to void parking tickets before you deny them.
  2. This is a non story – after someone with an IQ above room temperature at the parking company got the message, the ticket was rescinded.
  3. Just think – the parking company could have been a hero. The headline read “Parking Ticket for Suicide Hero Mum” It could have read – “Parking Company Gives Hero a Year’s Free Parking.”

Those of us in the parking business have no clue.


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