Three tickets given to car with dead driver

Oh, Please – I comment on this because it is so absurd. This happened in New Mexico.

I can understand that when the first ticket was issued, that the enforcement officer might have missed something, but one would think that when the second ticket was issued that just perhaps someone might have wanted to take a closer look.

The story notes that the person looked like they were asleep – Well duh – maybe someone should have tried to wake the driver and have them move along. What in the hell is wrong with the training and supervision on these enforcement officers.

Shouldn’t there be a rule that if there is already a citation on the vehicle that a supervisor be called and the car should be thoroughly checked. Hell, maybe it was, dare I say it, abandoned. Maybe there was a dead body in the trunk. Maybe it was stolen.

You mean to say that if a car has been there long enough to receive two citations, not to mention three, that someone shouldn’t have called the cops and towed the car.

Sheesh – this kind of article just shows how lame many of the enforcement operations are.

Come on, enforcement supervisors, let me have it.


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