Joe Lumer

Word has been received that Joe Lumer, CEO of L and R group of companies has died. He passed away while on vacation in Argentina. He was 62.

From his bio at L and R:

Joe Lumer served as Chief Executive Officer of the L&R Group of Companies, a privately held, well-capitalized organization that operates two distinct parking divisions: WallyPark and Joe’s Auto Parks.

As the CEO of the L&R Group of Companies, Mr. Lumer is responsible for running all facets of the company’s divisions with a presence in 6 states. With more than 30-years of hands-on executive experience, Mr. Lumer brings extensive insight and leadership to the parking industry.

Mr. Lumer has facilitated hundreds of strategic deals and partnerships throughout his career and is a well known personality in the industry.

He began his career in the downtown parking lots of Los Angeles, CA. and has been instrumental in growing the family owned company into one of the country’s largest privately held parking companies

L and R controlled System Parking, Five Star, and Network Parking but sold those assets to Ampco in September.


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8 Responses to Joe Lumer

  1. Devremülk says:

    i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

  2. Sam Widge says:

    Hmmm. So sad.
    Apparently drowned.

  3. Mario Mendoza says:

    I worked for Mr. Lumer for over 18 years, and also met him on several ocassions; it was a pleasure to have worked for such a grand person. He will always be remembered. May he rest in peace.

  4. LAX says:

    Mr. Lumer was a great person, it was a pleasure working for him. He will never be forgotten he has paved the way for many people. May your soul rest in peace and I give great condolescene to his family.

  5. Hans Merklein says:

    I worked for Joe in San Diego. He was a very kind man. I regretted having to negotiate with him because he was so smart, but I always felt he had worked with me fairly and with real consideration. My thoughts got to Gilad and his entire family. Joe will be missed.

  6. mohammed zaim says:

    i worked for Mr. Lumer for the past 10 years, he was a very down to earth person. my thoughts and prayers are with his family. he will be remembered and throughly missed. god bless his soul.

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