Lower Crime – Close all Parking Lots

I have been reviewing the Yahoo news feed I get with all things parking, and I find that virtually every other article has to do with crime in parking facilities. Rapes, Murders, robberies, suicides, they are all there. Police appear to chase bad guys into parking lots and garages and arrest them, so perhaps they all shouldn’t be closed, leave one open every few blocks to help the police catch the baddies.

I’m being cynical, of course. Mary Smith of Walker Parking tells me that the statistics of crime in parking garages is no higher than that on the street, or in private homes. She should know, she has looked it up.

However, I do know that movies use garages for criminal activity. Think of Fargo, or virtually all the 007 films, or the infamous P2 – referring to parking level 2 where the evil lurks. Movies would have to be completely rethought. Maybe crime could be moved to grocery stores, or freeways, or movie theaters. It would help give the industry a boost in the PR department.


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4 Responses to Lower Crime – Close all Parking Lots

  1. Devremülk says:

    i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

  2. I thought crimes in parking garage happens only in movies. Are we still safe when we park our cars?

  3. scarlett says:

    I made the same observation

  4. bsh376 says:

    The best solution of all is to convert them all to Automated Parking facilities, they are totally crime free.

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