Merry Christmas

Each year we here at PT think about the season and realize what makes it special. To us it’s the magical glow you see in little children’s eyes, the wonderful smiles on everyone’s faces, the little bit of extra kindness we see in shops and yes, even parking lots. This is not only a religious holiday, it’s a secular one, too. When one hears “Merry Christmas” it can mean one thing to the most religious of us, that this is the birthday of our savior, but it can also mean “What a wonderful time of the year” to everyone.

There are a number of emails going around that talk about the best of all gifts, the gift of time. When we spend time with someone, we give truly of ourselves. It’s not a new tie, or a bottle of the best wine, but it’s something that means we care. When we really share the magic of this time of year by offering out time, we give the best gift of all. Ties, Iphones and booze are forgotten quickly, the gift of time lives on. We are talking a few days to spend time with our friends and families.

Have the most wonderful Holiday – Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

From the entire PT Team

John, Andy, Marcy, Shelly, Rad, Sue, Joyce, Melissa

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One Response to Merry Christmas

  1. donald pellicano says:

    Christmas – Yes it is a time for giving and receiving
    All too often we forget about those who give every day and ask for no return
    But – You deserve accolades
    you give those of us who are in the parking industry and those of us who have retired to wheelchairs or rocking chairs
    you give with every issue of your magazine and tha is giving of oneself
    And that cheers us up (me too) every issue
    Merry Christmas to you and your entire staff
    Don Pellicano Hoboken

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