Problem with Birds, and their Mess – Rent a Hawk

San Antonio has a problem. Grackles, sort of souped blackbirds, have taken over trees in a downtown area and their droppings are causing quite a problem. Enter Ace and Joker, hawks that are indigenous to Texas, who fly directly at the roosting birds and drop a not to subtle hint: Move along or else. Check out the video here.

Joker, or is it Ace, and his handler. After about three goes, the infesting birds get the hint, and move along to a safer tree, outside the city.

If you have a bird problem in your parking lot you might consider Blackjack Bird Abatement in Houston.



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2 Responses to Problem with Birds, and their Mess – Rent a Hawk

  1. The grackles are gross. The noise and dirt would really piss me off. Well, Thanks to the hawk and they’re gone. Let’s see if they still come back!

  2. Scott Kangas says:

    When I worked in Iowa the police sniper(s) would shoot several of them (baited in the McDonalds parking lot with french fries)and the Public Works folks would fasten the dead birds to boards and place them high up in the trees around the courthouse. The live birds would see the dead ones and move down the road.

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