Comedian Gallagher, or was it George Carlin, asked “Why do 7-11s have locks on their doors?”

I would ask “Why does LA Fitness have valet parking?” I mean, after all, you go there to get healthy. What could be more healthy than walking from the parking lot to the treadmill.

Gallagher also ranted on the fact that there was a rule, unwritten I’m sure, that when there was a line of cars waiting to turn left, that three cars were supposed to get through on each series of light changes. Every time I’m in the queue to turn left I can hear him yelling “Three cars per green, three cars per green.”

You remember Gallagher, he is the guy with the Watermelon and the sledge hammer. He is playing at the Back Bar in Janesville, WI on Thursday, and at the Ionia Theater in Ionia MN on Friday.


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  1. BW says:

    Why do drive-thru ATMs have braille on the buttons? :\

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