Rumor’s of my death have been….

Mark Twain wrote that “Rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated.” Well it appears that rumors of the demise of the parking deal in Pittsburgh may have been premature.

Alan Lazowski has made a presentation to the city that sweetens the deal and gives more flexibility to the process. Read about it here. I think Laz’s Pittsburgh Parking Partners may be smart in pressing this deal.

The city council has gotten itself into a problem with the debt it has on hand, and with the city’s pension plan. As one councilperson said in the article “Councilman Patrick Dowd said the idea is “far from perfect … but is the only starting point we have.”

They also have a time constraint. PPP can move quickly and bail out the city.

Let’s keep an eye on this one.


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  1. Hola analizar de esta mensaje es muy emocionante , vistas de esta manera emotivan quien analizar esta mensaje:)

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