Storms a coming

I’m told by folks from all over the country that the biggest storm yet is about to hit LA.  Tonight and tomorrow are supposed to be real gullywashers. Official report is that we have had six inches of rain since Friday – but my neighbor’s weather station belies that…He reports over seven. The new storm is supposed to be a combo of a warm and cold front – that means thunderstorms and possibliy 65 mile an hour winds.  I know I know, we are weather wimps in California. But this is neat stuff. My assistant Joyce and her boyfriend Lindy chase thunderstorms in the Midwest for vacation fun.  Now they can sit in the living room and let it come to them. Here's a blackberry video of a storm drain known as Ballona Creek. I took yesterday about 4 PM. It is usually empty.


It’s the holidays, Joyce and I are having a devil of a time finding any parking news to put up that doesn’t talk about snow and free parking for Christmas. So if I babble a bit, forgive me.

There is a fight going on over at the PT Facebook page — over 26 comments on the Gordian Knot story, rewritten by Wanda Kroll. Check it out here.

I have been fiddling with my blackberry and found my twitter wasn’t working so I turned it on and then tweeted from the BB. Egad – it also told the world where I was when I tweeted. Got that turned off. Whew.



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  1. van leasing says:

    looks like the weather isnt much better in LA….it’s minus 3 in Glasgow UK

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