Wanda Connects Alexander, Gordian Knot, and Parking

Earlier this week I wrote of the Gordian Knot and Alexander’s solution. I thought I was being a bit cute, but over on Facebook, Wanda Krol, our resident brainac, researched the term even further and found that, well read her words:

The Gordian Knot has more to do with parking than we could ever imagine. Yes, we realize that even the most intricate problems can be tackled with the Alexandrian Solution. Yet, we must face it that the basic premise of the knot, has to do with the 333 BCE version of the modern car (wagon) being booted or specifically tied in, with this here mentioned Gordian Knot. “… this intricate knot joined the yoke to the pole of a Phrygian wagon that stood on the acropolis of the city. The wagon was associated with Midas or Gordias (or both), and was connected with the dynasty’s rise to power. A local prophecy had decreed that whoever could loose the knot was destined to become the ruler of Asia.”

Here’s the pix of Alex doing the deed:

There was a fellow in the UK that went around cutting boots off cars with a gas powered saw. I wonder if this is where he got the idea


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