Dick Beebe

Dick Beebe passed away this week in his sleep at his home in North Carolina. I will provide more information as it becomes available.

Dick was one of my biggest supporters when I began PT 15 years ago. He would write, yes write with pen and ink, in that beautiful script we all know so well, long treatises on parking and design.  Sometimes we disagreed, and with our favorite curmudgeon, disagreement was always an adventure. Dick did have and sometimes made enemies. And those often lasted lifetimes. You didn’t want to get on his wrong side. At the same time, he could be supportive and his almost limitless knowledge could dig you out of holes you expertly dug for yourself.


If Dick Beebe liked you, there was no greater friend. His support and counsel were endless. He was truly one of life’s great characters.  I will miss him.


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One Response to Dick Beebe


    He was missed the minute he retired. Like almost forced retirement. He was a gem of a man and a wonderful friend. He would give me hours of conversation and naturally he could have charged , like others do, but you would never see it on his billings. I remember one consultant who wanted me to review his financial statement HPA) and then he charged us for over 8/9 hours @ hefty rate
    I missed him right away. Ho would take the first flight out of Chicago so he would be in NJ for a 9:00 AM meeting
    My prayers are with you Richard. And the Hoboken Politicians you knew should stand up and applaud, Nut the Big Guy say hey Richard, I need your help to relocate these persons

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