Get a Parking Permit for your Nanny

Oh please. San Francisco is developing an entire bureaucracy so nannies can have an onstreet permit so they can park near the houses of their employers. You can read about it here. I guess the rules are different in SF than in LA. I just checked with a friend and was told that when residents could get a guest pass that allowed people to park on the street and not get cited. The nanny could use the pass and all would be right with the world. I assume that in SF, there are no guest passes but it would seem that they would solve a lot of problems.

By the way, I note from the story that the nanny in question leaves her charges alone for 10 minutes at a time to go move her car (2 hour maximum). Wow. Where is child welfare? Doesn’t she know how much trouble a kid can get into in 10 minutes? I’m surprised she isn’t in prison, and the parents, too, for hiring such an irresponsible person.


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