The NPA is Rocking…

I had a fascinating lunch yesterday with Christine Banning the new Prez at the National Parking Association and boy did they pick a winner. She has so many ideas working that my guess is that the board will be overwhelmed just trying to pick the ones they want to use.

I spent an hour telling her all about parking but she still wasn’t disillusioned. She told me that the folks she had met over the past almost five months have impressed her with their excitement about their industry. “The people on the NPA board are committed and want to be sure parking’s story is told,” she said. “Plus, they know that the program of training for employees and managers we have in place is good, but that like all things, will be expanded.”

Christine has endless enthusiasm and an extremely quick mind. I bounced ideas off her and got quick “yes” “no,” “so where is the win win.” Actually there wasn’t one but who knew.

The NPA is working on strengthening its networking and mentoring program so members with issues can easily contact those with solutions. I was in harmony with that because although we like to think all parking is the same, learning something in a one hour seminar at a convention isn’t the same as discussing your problem with someone who had it and solved it.

I then spoke to Denise Grable who amongst other things edits Parking Magazine. They are preparing their 60th anniversary edition and are honoring me by including a small interview. I hope she can cull a few bon mots from the deluge she unleashed by asking a couple of well-placed questions. There is a good reason why Parking Magazine has such quality articles and its Denise.

All the Best to Christine and her crew in their eighth floor offices a couple of blocks from the White House. This is going to be a great year for parking and for the NPA.


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  1. Reality Check says:

    Perhaps the new leaders at NPA and IPI can get together on a combined North American trade show. Who knows, maybe even PIE will join in.

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