Another Blizzard hits the Mid West

The Midwest is being inundated again, and parking is going to get it in the neck. Not only are people having to move their cars off streets so plows can clear the roads, but operators are having to commit some big bucks to clear their lots.

One owner told me today that to remove the snow off the roof of his parking structure it cost $30,000, each time. Seems there weren’t enough warm days between storms to melt the snow and the buildup was threatening the structural integrity of his garage. He couldn’t just shovel it off the sides and the EPA requires that the snow be “processed” because, horror of horrors, it may have come in contact with oil or grease from the floor. It had to be shoveled into 30- cubic yard containers and then trucked away, at a cost of $900 per container. He says his costs for snow removal and salting alone this year will exceed $100,000.

He can only hope that the Groundhog was right, and spring is just around the corner. I wouldn’t bet on it, though, since the big rodent is correct only about 4 times in 10.


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