I Love this App

I’m not really to “into” apps, or applications, that can be downloaded onto your iPhone or Droid or Blackberry. There are supposed to be millions and they usually cost about a buck ninety nine.

However, here is one that should be on everyone’s phone. It allows you to catch people who park in handicapped spaces without the proper documentation. You can snap a pix of their license, their front window (to show there is no permit) and of the offending car in the space. The app automatically correlates all this info and adds the GPS coordinates and sends it off to the local authority so they can mail a ticket to the sob.

It was developed by a pair in Vancouver, BC, one of whom is handicapped. The Vancouver government is taking it under advisement, but with all that photographic data, maybe they will yield. The only thing I would add is a small pad of notices that you can slap on the car saying something like, you have been caught and will be receiving a citation in the mail.

I hope it takes off like the one that allowed you to tell your friends where the enforcement officers were working so they could move their cars before he got to their street. This new Canuck app could really help in our ongoing campaign to ‘get’ those scofflaws who take disabled parking spaces


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