Keyless Ignition Issues Spark Lawsuit

I reported last month that we had heard of a death due to a car being left running in a garage. The car had a keyless ignition and the driver had inadvertently walked away and the car did not stop. The driver was PT Art Director Shelly Brown’s father. NBC in Chicago has a report I can’t embed but you can watch it here. Shelly’s dad is the second person mentioned.

I have a tendency to agree that this technology is a solution in search of a problem. We do it because we can, not because it’s necessarily a good idea. The fellow from Edmunds has a point. The removal of the physical connection between the driver and the process of starting or stopping a car isn’t a good idea, particularly when the technology is “iffy.”

These are a series of tragic events that come home when someone close to you is affected. Take a few minutes and watch the report. My guess is that it will go national quickly.


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