Storm costs NYC $4.6 Million in unwritten parking tickets.

Seems the city of New York is clamping down on parking since it was forced by the storm to stop citing folks for not obeying the Opposite side of the street rules in the Big Apple. The city “loses” $271,000 every day that they don’t write such tickets. They “lost” 4.6 milllion during the 17 days that the storm stopped the process. If you like, you can read about it here.

This goes to what parking fines are for. Is the city trying to change people’s behavior because they want to be able to sweep the streets, or are they simply trying to collect as much money as they can, behavior be dammed. It is obviously the latter, and my guess is that they would prefer to have everyone break the law because then they could collect more fines.

See, if everyone started obeying the rules on any given day, the city of New York would go bankrupt because they are budgeting for a certain number of citations to be written. Remember when San Francisco found that they were coming up short, that they would turn up the pressure on enforcement and write more tickets to fill the gap.

This is patently absurd. If you don’t have enough money, lower your expenses. Trying to run the city on the backs of drivers is ludicrous.


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