Reader Ray sends this article about a parking app in Baltimore. The idea is to get stats on where parking and traffic enforcement officers work most often and then give you the odds of getting a ticket in a certain area.

I have just one question: Wouldn’t any enforcement operation simply buy the app and then rotate their crews so they could “hit” the areas where people attempt to beat the system?

This is obviously an app for people who feel that paying for parking, running stop signs, and speeding is a game and they want to tip the scales in their favor. So let’s see – I’m heading to the Inner Harbor and know I’m driving down a certain route. I can check to see what the odds are of my getting a ticket if I just blast through the red lights. Wow, this sounds like something everyone should use.



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2 Responses to But…

  1. Or they could just pay for parking. Sounds much simpler than building an app that can so easily be rendered useless if the parking enforcement gets a copy. Hilarious John.

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