Las Vegas and Valets

I was in Vegas Friday, Friday night, and Saturday morning. I guess I’m just confused. Most people park their cars in those huge garages located out back behind the hotels. I friend told me that the line of garages (2-4000 cars each) is called “battleship row.” They do look like hulking battleships, tied up, waiting for something to blast out of the water. Once you park, it’s a mile walk from your car to the show room, casino, or restaurant you seek. But there you go.

If you like, you could valet your car. Drive up to the front entrance, hand your keys to the valet, and walk 50 feet into the main entrance and your destination. When you leave, you simply give the valet your claim check, and wait a few minutes. If it’s really crowded, you might have to wait 10 minutes. This weekend, the wait was about three minutes. You tip the valet, and you are off. Oh, by the way, the valet at virtually all hotels is free.

Why would you self-park? Many tell me that they “don’t want someone else driving their car.” Well, OK. But do you know the liability rules. If you self-park and something happens to your car, you pay for the damage. If you valet, the hotel pays for the damage. Seems like a good deal to me. Plus in Vegas you have all that extra time to lose your money.


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