Airports you never heard of

I received a news release on an airport parking reservation program being used in the UK. The vendor said that it was being used at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield, and Durham Tees Valley Airport. I thought people going in to Liverpool went to Manchester, but I guess not. And it seems that anyone wanting access to Sherwood Forest now knows where to book. I understand the name at Liverpool (although Paul, George, and Ringo might feel slighted) but naming an airport after a thief, and a relative marginal one at that, seem as the Brits would say “a tad over the top.” By the way these three airport serve nearly seven million people a year.

Speaking of Brits – I know I broke a JVH cardinal rule and dangled a participle in the headline, but I have been reading great quotes from Winston Churchill and was reminded of his comment on this issue. He was corrected when he dangled a participle. His response was “This is the kind of tedious nonsense up with which I will not put.”

FWIW – Other famous dangles:

    Where no man has gone before

   Do you know where you are going to

Somehow I can’t see Captain Kirk using the line: “Where no man has ever gone” Or the more PC Captain Picard mouthing: “Where no one has ever gone.”


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One Response to Airports you never heard of

  1. Nickoli says:

    These airports are pretty small – flights to the Isle of Man, Ireland, and domestic flights. You’d use Manchester for going to or from Liverpool if you were going any further than that.

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