Castle, how could you

I watch “Castle” the mystery/thriller/comedy on CBS every Monday. It’s a great show. This week, our hero takes out after parking, at least a bit. One of the detectives is listing crimes done by a suspect. Castle’s comment is in italics. (If you want to watch it go here and skip forward to about 8 minutes in.)



Aggravated assault


Assault with a deadly weapon


Battery against a city employee – Parking enforcement

Doesn’t count

At least the detectives jump on him.

It’s these little jabs, subtle, actually funny to most, that grind and grind at our industry. It wouldn’t be funny if said about a garage collector, sewer repairman, or a bus driver. But…you get the idea. Any idea why it’s funny when said about our team? It ain’t because of Parking Wars.

Illegitimi non carborundum


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