Why don’t weather readers on TV look out the window before they give their reports? On local TV this AM, it was reported that we would have strong winds, overcast, and a 50% chance of rain. As I walked out to my car I noted that the skies were completely clear and the wind was calm. The “storm” blew through last night about 10 PM.

Have you noticed that when your candidate makes a statement the other side says it’s a lie, even when it’s true, but the other side is always lying.

It’s scary how the price of oil is instantly reflected in the price of gasoline. I guess this means that we have a very small inventory of gasoline and it gets used up quickly. Or it means that oil companies adjust prices based on their prediction of future costs. Or there’s this guy in a basement somewhere with one of those “eight” balls setting the price.

Why is it that when you hear a word that you have never heard before, suddenly you run into it almost everywhere?

I heard the other day that electronic computers are little different than they were sixty years ago. They are just smaller and faster. That yes/no thing going on inside them hasn’t changed. The “father” of the computer, Charles Babbage, designed his differential engine in the mid 1800s. And except for silicon and electricity, little has changed the “way” it works

At Heathrow, in the UK, the American Airlines gates are a 20 minute walk from the security screening area. Based on my experience, that is over a mile. Seems like some pretty poor planning, or an airport that just kept growing, and growing, and growing.

Is parking the destination, or is it a bridge? No one ever said: “Let’s go park in that nice new parking structure on 5th street and hang out.” I see it more as a bridge from one kind of transportation to another (car to feet, car to train, car to plane, car to elevator, etc).

Have you noticed that almost all the faxes you get now days are advertisements for low cost loans, low cost travel, and the like? My guess is that fax machines will go the way of the teletype in a very few years, if they haven’t already.

Remember that problem ATT has been having with dropped calls on iPhones? Seems it doesn’t happen with new iPhones on Verizon. Hmmmmmmm.




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