Park your Computer in the Clouds

We’ve heard about this for a year or so, but it’s been going on for a number of years. You have your computer on your desk, but it’s connected to a network and the real computing is done somewhere else. That way your company can have a large data center with beaucoup computing power located in a secure room with backup generators, air condition, heavy duty virus protection, and an engineer from MIT who keeps it all running. If you want to upgrade your blackberry or your laptop, that engineer makes it perfect. If you have a problem, that engineer fixes it for you.

Unfortunately, you aren’t Boeing or Sears or United Airlines. You own a few garages in a medium city in the mid west. You would like to have computing power so you can run fancy accounting and data slicing programs, but you don’t have the wherewithal or the expertise to do so.

Enter the cloud.

Just like the big boys, you suddenly have all the computing expertise and power with none of the headaches. The server farm is located in Virginia or Texas or California. It has all the software you need to run your garages and to give you the information you need to run a successful, knowledgeable, business.

You just plug in to the ‘net and you are there. You pay based on what you use and how much time you spend. All is right with the world. You are cloud computing.

Parking vendors are beginning to provide their “cloud” to the industry. Want to get a quick peek? Parking Today is hosting a free webinar. Here is the scoop:

Free webinar on how to put your parking software in the cloud and see the benefits of doing so.  Why not purchase only the services you use and need? Why have your software located on site where you have to do all the work?  Instead have it hosted off site where upgrades and back ups are automatic with 24/7 tech support.  This way you can also look at your data from any location.  See how Skidata is putting this together with a presentation by Dr. Harald Raetzsch.  It is free, 30 minutes and on Monday, May 2 (10 am pacific/1 pm eastern).  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/709944211


Why not drop by – no obligation.


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