Parking Structure Death Attorney…

Wanda over our PT’s Facebook page posted a news release from a Personal Injury Attorney who was soliciting business from the unfortunate accident that occurred here in Los Angeles yesterday. A 76 year old woman drove her car through a barrier on the fourth floor of a parking structure and was killed. You can read about the accident here.

I went over and looked at the site and took a couple of pictures. This one if from the article, note that the barrier has ‘flipped” down like the tail gate to a truck.

If you look at this picture, taken from inside on the floor below, note that the rebar from the barrier (it has been removed since the first picture was taken) goes completely up inside the barrier. You can also see that the barrier is not connected to the garage anywhere except at the bottom, with the rebar.

The attorney in the article begins to speculate on who could be sued. Of course he lists everyone within a country mile – the manufacturer of the car, the builder/designer of the parking structure, the gym associated with the structure, the parking operator, probably the person who planted the tree across the street.

All that having been said – as someone at the scene pointed out to me, she could have had some sort of a heart attack or stroke which caused the accident. Why not wait until the reports from experts are in before stirring up the jury pool? Investigators will determine if the vehicle was faulty, if the driver was in distress, and if the parking structure could have been a problem. THEN perhaps the family could consult an attorney if they felt relief was appropriate.

The “Parking Structure Death Attorney” as he calls himself is chumming for business. In the last two paragraphs he makes that patently obvious, even giving his contact information and bio in the last graph.

That is most likely why this release was printed in a San Francisco Blog and virtually nowhere else. It should be on a bus bench where it belongs.

This is another example of attorneys getting ahead of the curve and causing major problems where there may be none to cause. I wonder if “loser pays” laws would stop this kind of solicitation and speculation. If there is a legitimate grievance, a lawsuit may be appropriate. But ambulance chasing doesn’t help anyone, except the attorney, of course.


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  1. bw says:

    Sounds like LA Chinatown needs to sell some brass rats!

  2. Do not get your girls wear a plain white bridesmaid dress on stage in order to avoid distracting.

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