The Placard Fiasco in NYC

You can read about it a couple of postings below. One of the readers that responded to the post noted that the contracts that have been considered in the PPP leases all have limits on the number of placards that can be issued.

Shoup told me that he mused on just how any private entity could possibly bid on and on street operation, knowing that an unknown number of disabled placards (or “freebie” placards issued by the city) were out there and in use. How can one realistically compute revenue if some number of cars will show up every day and legally be able to park without paying?

My solution was wholeheartedly endorsed by the Shoupdog – Do away with ‘free’ parking for disabled and city workers. If their job requires that city workers park on street, let them pay and then turn in the expense for reimbursement, like salespersons and delivery trucks. As for the disabled, they, I think, want access, not charity. If charging parking fees reduces the fraud and enables a disabled person to find a space where they can get out of their vehicle easily, then so be it.

Fraud with placards relate to people who want to game the system, get something for nothing. I believe the majority of people who use disabled placards illegally seldom even think about the person confined to a wheelchair or on crutches who needs a bit of extra space to get out of their car. So how about a little “ad council” advertising campaign that depicts folks in chairs and on crutches moving in and out of their cars and thanking the rest of the parking population for providing them access so they can continue to be productive citizens.

By the way NYC isn’t alone. Here in LA there are areas where half the vehicles have bogus placards. It’s usually in areas around government buildings. Yes, I can believe that.


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