A couple of quickies…

Lisa Bahr from IPS dropped by our booth this afternoon as things started to wind down. I was able to get a picture with PT Sales Director Marcy Sparrow – Had a camera, great subjects, have to take the shot:

And in the Parking Structure:

As we walked to our car, I noticed a bit of confusion at the POF. The person who had just left didn’t take their exit pass. The previous day, I had the keys and Andy and Marcy had the car. We were in two different places. I gave him the keys, but I retained the ticket. Andy found that there was no lost ticket facility on the machine, and the ‘help’ button got him nowhere. Sheesh. And we are in the parking business.

Pictured is an honest man. He could have kept the paid receipt, used it to exit and none would have been the wiser, at least until the original owner of the receipt realized what he had done…

More tomorrow – the last day


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2 Responses to A couple of quickies…

  1. Lynne Schumal says:

    Wow. That torn sign is unsightly on that machine! Who operates that garage?

  2. cjd says:

    Lost ticket buttons are bad. people can park for multiple days and then pay one day max and leave.

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