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Mark Curtis at the Parking Zone showed me something different and told a story as to its genesis. The company is marketing an upmarket recycling container that takes all types of recyclables, enables users to separate them into appropriate bins, and looks good all at the same time. The unit was designed and first manufactured by Paul Allen’s group at Rose Garden Stadium in Portland.

Allen had spent hundreds of millions on the arena, and wanted it to be as sustainable as possible. One area was recycling and Allen didn’t want different colored trash cans sitting around his stadium. So the owners designed and built customized units for the center. When other teams visited the Blazers their owners saw the recycling units they fell in love with them and wanted to buy them from Allen. But the Rose Garden Arena was in the sports and entertainment business, not the business of selling such products.

Enter Parking Zone. Mark and his crew now how the marketing and manufacturing rights for the product. And it looks great. Here is Mark and Zone Sales representative Annette Ritola with a sample:


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