Hey IPI – Good Job!

There are always things someone on the outside looking in would change, but from my point of view the 2011 IPI show in Pittsburgh was a win for everyone concerned. There was a lot of talk about having the show in “Pittsburgh” but frankly, it’s a beautiful city and their convention center is a great venue.

All exhibitions have a “last day drop off” and if you can figure out a way to stop that (except only having the exhibition on one day) you should bottle it. This year was no different. It’s just as it is.

Even the usual whining about booth traffic seemed muted. I know the IPI has put the numbers at 2500 (that includes exhibitor personnel) so exhibitors should be happy.

I didn’t attend any of the educational sessions as we were very busy in meeting most of the time. If you attended any or have any input, let me know.

See you next year in the land of sun and sand, Phoenix.




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