Live from the IPI and first impressions

If you want to keep up with the goings on at the IPI log on to www.livefromtheipi.com. Andy and I are trying to keep up with the activity on the show floor and even some of the other events the IPI is hosting. Check it out from time to time.

My first impressions —

As usual the IPI show will be a good one. There is a lot of technology to see, and networking will be rampant.

The exhibit hall is huge – and it has a light and airy feel. The IPI is doing their “Power Pitch” programs on the floor of the exhibit hall. Good idea / Bad idea? Don’t know — I’ve seen it done before to everyone’s benefit.

Most of the booths are similar to the last year, except of course Pay Lock who’s crazies have done it again. They are holding “Family Feud” of Parking – why not, last year they held a funeral.

There are a lot of new companies – probably 30 or 40. Be interesting to check them out.

As every year, there will be new technology, and a lot of tried and true products.

You can check our my predictions here and compare them to what we actually found on the exhibit floor


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