So you didn’t believe me about the Brass Knuckles…

Bart over at Paylock send me proof of the incident:

I guess one can see how the TSA might have thought this was a weapon. Andy seems to love the moment.

As for the “other” gift – Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter – It exists:

And we used it last night. Works great. The TSA didn’t seem to mind this sharp tool. I guess it’s not on their list of forbidden items.

Bart apologized for my troubles. Heh – They had better be looking over their shoulders. As Kahn said in the movie “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.” J

We did have a great time playing Family Feud with the Lilliana Rambo’s Texas group and the gang at Paylock.


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2 Responses to So you didn’t believe me about the Brass Knuckles…

  1. BW says:

    I created a stir in airport security once when traveling the day after a horseshow and they found my spurs in my purse. Luckily that was before 9-11!

  2. JVH says:

    If you had done that today you would have been sooooooo busted. JVH

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