The Worm Turns in Calgary

Parking groupie Wanda over on PT’s Facebook Page scooped me on this one. Although fired by the city of Calgary, former Parking Manager Dale Frazier and his assistant have their names on the patent for the city’s technological marvel, the ParkPlus system. You can read all about it here.

Seems Dale and his enforcement chief Al Bazar claim, and with some righteousness, to having invented the system which collects money and enforces parking rules in the Alberta city. Their names are on the patent.

There are rumblings coming out of the city that it has tried to negotiate with the two in the past but to no avail. It also seems that if there is any litigation, a city suing its own employees could be embarrassing if not difficult. It seems there is a potential of great value of the system, and other cities around the world are looking at it and more than a few have expressed interest installing a like system in their communities.



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