(210) 374-8093

I got a call from this number. It was a man claiming to be from the US Customs and Border Protection Narcotics Unit. He was calling because, he said, I had received some Narcotics (Ambien) from a foreign pharmacy and I had broken a dozen laws and in two minutes the police were coming to arrest me and cart me off to court where I could tell it to the judge.

I have to say he was very persuasive. My adrenaline kicked in. OMG – yes, on the advice of a friend (?) I ordered some of the drug from a pharmacy in India about six years ago – took a couple, didn’t like the hangover, and threw the rest away.

This guy tossed around threats like pizza dough and I was afraid to hang up. Right up until he said that he would be able to call off the dogs if I would just pay an administration fee of $1000. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

The next thing he heard was “click”.

I then input the number into Google and found that hundreds of people had gotten calls from this character. It was of course a scam. And the DEA and a number of other agencies have notes on their web sites about it.

This was particularly onerous coming on the heels of my TSA/brass knuckle experience (see post below.)

Sheesh… BTW I don’t recommend you patronize on line pharmacies. However, prices from Canada are pretty cheap.


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