An Alternative to a PPD – Preferential Parking District

We snagged this over on PT’s Facebook page from a blog called “Straight out of Suburbia” It’s a strange mix of Spanish and English, but I like this guy – He goes by the sobriquet “Chewbacca.” He is a Shoupista and here is his plan:

Instead of a PPD, set up a parking market. This should include areas for both short-term and long-term on-street parking. The short-term parking can be handled by putting up meters. Yes, I’m advocating for putting up parking meters in front of people’s houses and apartments in these situations. If you want to get really fancy, embed sensors in the ground under each parking space, then use the data on which spaces are occupied to set demand-sensitive prices that keep some spaces open at all times (hat tip to Shoup Dogg). For long term parking the solution is designating certain areas with signs on every block and selling permits, but not the same way a PPD sells them. These permits would be for sale to anyone, and their price would be based on demand so that they don’t sell out instantly. They would also have to be renewed periodically.
This system insures that everybody who is willing to pay the market price for parking will have access to both short and long term parking. The prices are a disincentive to leave cars on the street (and hence to own an excessive number of cars) and this benefits alternatives to the car, which, with any luck, will someday make this discussion less relevant.

He is right, of course. Parking isn’t free, even in residential areas. He is a reasonable enviro. Not a lot of them around. Check out his comments on high speed rail. Wow! Cool site.



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