An Electric Car Charging Solution

I’m always on the cutting edge of technology and today is no exception. My pal Rick pointed me toward this article, which describes a gel like substance that carries a ‘charge.’ The idea is that you simply pull in to a filling station when you need a charge for your EV. The discharged gel is removed and new charged gel is pumped in. No muss no fuss. No long charging times, and no issues in garages with jockeying cars around.

Of course it cheaper, faster, and better than what is available today. They will have a prototype running in 18 months. But I just loved this line:

Of course, I write about great ideas and technology every day, but relatively few ideas actually pan out. Yet there seems like so much potential in this out-there idea.
We can only hope.
So what to do, what to do. Naturally if this is the solution, you won’t be able to retrofit a Volt. Do you wait?  What about charging stations? Are they going the way of the buggy whip? Supposedly you can charge the EV so equipped just as before. But that would reduce the other benefits.  Should I buy a Leaf now or wait for the ‘liquid battery’ model?  Decisions, decisions.
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