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Paul Barter from Singapore has attended the Transportation Research Board meeting and listed the papers offered on parking on his Reinventing Parking blog.  Here is the list. Check them out — lots of good reading here:

  • § Parking Requirements in Asia by Barter, Paul A.
  • § Parking Pricing and Curbside Management in New York City by Schaller, Bruce; Maguire, Thomas; Stein, David; Ng, Willa; Blakeley, Manzell
  • § Curbside Parking Management Processes: Analysis and Methods by Tivendale, Knowles; Tsigos, Anna
  • § Parking Demand and Zoning Requirements for Suburban Multifamily Housing by Willson, Richard William; Roberts, Michael
  • § Influential Factors Analysis in Travel Time Under Influence of On-Street Parking by Guo, Hongwei; Gao, Ziyou; Zhao, Xiaomei; Wang, Wuhong
  • § Are Parking Requirements Binding? Evidence from New York City by McDonnell, Simon Thomas; Madar, Josiah; Been, Vicki
  • § Food Shopping in the Urban Environment: Parking Supply, Destination Choice, and Mode Choice by Maley, Donald W.; Weinberger, Rachel R.
  • § Death by a Thousand Curb-Cuts: How Minimum Parking Requirements Stimulate Driving by Weinberger, Rachel R.
  • § Who Is Really Paying for Your Parking Space? Estimating the Marginal Implicit Value of Off-Street Parking Spaces for Condominiums in Central Edmonton, Canada by Jung, Owen
  • § Exploring Parking Pricing for Congestion Management Using the SFCTA Activity-Based Regional Pricing Model by Zorn, Lisa
  • § Space-Use Efficiency and Profitability Implications for Unbundled Parking: Case Study Research Using License Plate Recognition by Jones, Casey
  • § Assessing Multifamily Residential Parking Demand and Transit Service: Comparison of Two Urban Centers in King County by Rowe, Daniel Hollis; Bae, Christine; Shen, Qing
  • § Car Drivers’ Preferences Regarding Location and Contents of Parking Guidance Systems: Stated-Choice Approach by Van der Waerden, Peter J. H. J.

Check out Paul’s blog — its a plethora of academic parking info.


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