It will be worse next year

That’ was a headline you could have predicted. With Carmegeddeon having gone so smoothly, the local LA wags are simply moving all the problems to next year when the 405 freeway will be closed for another weekend.

Seems the conventional wisdom is that drivers, after realizing that there were no traffic jams this year, will rush out to block streets and intersections on the day of the next closure.

Bull — This weekend was traffic free because drivers are smart and realized that it would be a good weekend to stay home. They will do the same next time. Of course, “It will be worse” could be the new meme coming from the local authorities to try to frighten people into staying home.

Wouldn’t it be great if our leaders had some small bit of respect for our common sense. But then those that build the “bridge to nowhere,” outlaw incandescent bulbs, and send money to support drilling for oil in Brazil and outlaw drilling here at home, and  may not even know what common sense is.


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