Jon Voight — Stumped by Credit Card Meter

Jon Voight — Stumped by Futuristic Parking Thingy.

This video tells it all. Click on the link and go. Its worth it. First — look at the problem Voight has with the meter.  He has to shade it because he can’t see it.  He puts in his card numerous times and appears to not understand what to do. Finally it seems he is successful.

Now look at the reaction from the crowd on TMZ. The host is lost. He has no clue that meters take credit cards, and he most likely lives in LA where there are thousands of these units everywhere. (Maybe he only valets like the rest of those who live in 90210.)  AND look at the folks who know all about parking meters and how to use them. Their average age is what, 16.  How can they drive? They all know how to use the meters, and are actually showing the host how to insert a card (note the woman (girl)  using her smart phone as an example).  These kids have got it, the host, well, what can I say.

Senior Citizen Voight  – he’s coming up on 73 –  probably has the numbers 12:00 flashing on his VCR just like me.  Like Donna on our Facebook page who  brought this video to my attention, he probably just got a cell phone last month and still goes into the bank to deposit his checks.

I’m meeting with the company that made this meter next week and will discuss this video. They are all young smart folks and will instantly see the problem and perhaps offer a solution for those of us “of a certain age.”

My buddy who rails about all these machines has the same complaint. Its difficult to read the display, and they are only so-so in the intuitive department. Maybe they need an instruction notice, something like this, printed on the machine, easily readable:

Insert and remove card

Follow instructions on display

Even I could handle that. Its obvious in the video that Voight is trying. But like the rest of us he seems to frustrate easily. He’s willing to pay. He’s a nice guy and doesn’t fly off the handle. But he needs a little bit of help to start.  I think.

Like Voight, we are an aging society. We need to take slow reflexes and poor eyesight into consideration when we design our products. Listen up, suppliers, it won’t be long until you will be signing up for Social Security, assuming it still exists.

I’ve always liked Jon Voight. He has matured well in his craft, has had about as many wives as I have had, and considering he’s the father of Angelina Jolie, what’s not to like.



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2 Responses to Jon Voight — Stumped by Credit Card Meter

  1. Donna Cobb says:

    Really enjoy reading here JVH. Very Bright People with Excellent contributions.

  2. John Van Horn says:

    I used one of these today. Inserted card — waited a few seconds, got the maximum time allowed, hit OK and left. Worked as advertised. JVH

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