More about LEED!!

My post below pulled a number of responses — Not all positive for LEED from a parking point of view. First from Brandy:

The people that establish LEED standards need to have parking professionals on their panel or whatever it is. They obviously don’t have any understanding whatsoever of parking and how it works. What has more positive impact on the environment? EV chargers and reserved spaces or efficient facility design with space detectors and wayfinding technology that reduces emissions by cutting down on circulation and idling time? Or pay on foot machines where people pay while their vehicles are turned off?

I’m not volunteering, but maybe IPI or NPA should look at coordinating a meaningful response to this ridiculousness.

And then from rta — don’t hold back, tell us what you really think…

The whole LEED thing is a joke, basically it’s a “feel good” approach that accomplishes very little. A simple thing like carpooling with a fellow employee reduces carbon emissions and energy consumption by 50% for the 2 people participating, and the redictions is compounded with each additional participant. If you start considering the idea of van pools the impact is quite dramatic. A basic concept like that reduces congestion, energy consumption and emmisions while also reducing the associated expenses of all participants. It “rewards” people for saving.

Giving someone a prime parking space just because the drive a certain type of vehicle “rewards” them for purchasing, it has nothing to do with saving anything.


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