Parking Spaces controlled by LEED

I think we are about to go round the bend. This article tells of a Liquor Store in New Hampshire that has posted signs restricting parking in front of the store to LEV/Hybrids only.

But wait — there is no law in the state allowing such a restriction. But then, its OK since its “private property” and although they cannot issue of citation (like a handicapped space), they can tow your car.

How did all this come about — is the state liquor commission (the stores are state owned) going all green on us…Well sort of.

It seems that the Green Building Council’s LEED certification takes parking spaces into consideration. So if a building want to be LEED certified, having hybrid spaces gives them points toward certification. They are not enforceable, but they make the building owners feel good.

So what we have here is a non governmental group, flexing its power, to push building owners into restricting parking. What’s next — the president’s wife telling us what we can and can’t eat or drink. Oh yes, that’s already happening.

I love the last few graphs…

Preferred parking for hybrid vehicles is spreading because of LEED standards, as well as the desire of some companies, such as Whole Foods supermarkets, to urge conversation (and look “green” in the process).

As the driver of a hybrid car, I approve. Not everybody does, though.

These signs are more controversial than preferred parking for pregnant women, because climate change is more contentious than motherhood. There is lots of argument online about them, and in at least one case – a Connecticut library – the signs were removed after people complained.

Here in Nashua, that “LEV” designation doesn’t help. I thought it meant “light electric vehicle,” which is basically a souped-up golf cart, but it actually means “low-emission vehicle,” and includes a long list of specially sanctioned high-mileage or alternative-fuel cars.

Since normal human beings don’t know what an LEV is, that dilutes the public pressure.


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One Response to Parking Spaces controlled by LEED

  1. rta says:

    What’s more environmentally “friendly”?

    1. 15 employees each driving to work in their Hybrid cars, or

    2. 15 employees carpooling together in 5 SUV’s

    It’s not about the vehicle, it’s about the number of miles. I haven’t put more than 10,000 miles on my SUV in any of the past 6 years, and I’ll bet the car lasts me another 8 to 10 years. I’ve got friends in “low” emmisions vehicles putting 20-30,000 miles on their cars every year. They consume more gas, generate more emmissions and create more congestion than I do, but I’m the one accussed of driving the “gas guzzler that’s destroying our environment.”

    Just my 2 cents on the whole LEED farce.

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