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We have a number of new articles featured on PT’s web site…check them out:

Creating Renewable Energy in Parking

Srategic Investment Pays off in Tacoma

How does a college professor become a parking rock star?

Making Sense out of Parking Lease Transactions

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AND …  Check out the blog entries from last week alone:

California DMV Allows “dead” to Parking in Handicapped Spaces

The Ethics of passing along your P and D Tickets

Unlimited on street Parking — just charge a bunch

JVH Reports on “Carmaggedon in LA)

We’re not finished yet — Its really roaring on PT’s Linkedin discussion page:

Will pressure on cost cutting lead to a higher level of fraud in parking?

EV — Should you install a charging station in your facility?

P and D — the Ethics of passing along your unused ticket.

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PLUS — click on our home page and see the lastest issue of PT, our Annual Directory Issue. People and Products in Parking.


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