A Rare Thing

From Correspondent Mark:

Wow, it’s rare when you see a politician speaking in plain English and a media report that actually seems to “get it” when it comes to parking enforcement. Here is the money quote:

That’s easy. Take a stroll down 100 Avenue one day and I guarantee you will see multiple vehicles parked at meters with their time expired; but what do they care.  It only costs violators $25 now, and if they pay their fines early, the city gives them a $15 discount, bringing the actual amount down to $10.

In a way, that may be easier for you to understand, the cost of a soup and bagel combo at Tim Horton’s, and we all know people in Grande Prairie have no problem affording Tim’s. And don’t try and validate leaving your vehicle over the allotted limit – everyone knows how much time they have and it only takes a second to leave what you’re doing and put more money in the meter.

Raising the fine for those people who believe they have every right to park and leave their cars for hours upon hours without consequence, is not only a great solution, but really the ONLY solution. Money is the best way to get a person’s attention and unless you want the city to raise property taxes, which I don’t think you do – let’s all agree putting the costs on those who don’t follow the rules is the way to go.

Given understands the coming increase may be frustrating to some but he also explains it extremely well when he said, “If you don’t break the law then there’s absolutely no impact to you.”


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