Am I crazy or what

I flew to Chicago this morning and due to my loyalty to Delta, I was upgraded to first class.

When I arrived at the airport, I was searched, prodded, questioned, and had my ‘stuff’ xrayed. So far so good. I was deemed flyable and was given the TSA stamp of approval. I had no weapons, knives, guns, bottles of water,  explosives, or shampoo, in excess of two ounces.  I was pure as the driven snow.

I sat down on the plane and the first thing that happened was they served me breakfast. In doing so, they handed me a stainless steel knife, with serrated edge, and a nice sharp fork. I also had a drink in a nice upmarket glass that with very little effort could be turned into a slicing device.

Does anyone see the irony here?


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One Response to Am I crazy or what

  1. BW says:

    Yes, I’ve been thinking for years now that I could stomp my makeup mirror and hand out the pieces if we ever have to retake the plane from terrorists :\

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