Cashless Parking

My scientist wife sent me this article from Science Daily. Seems a new breakthrough in technology is now going to allow cars to enter and exit garages without having to stop and insert a card or ticket into a device. WOW!!!

No wait — haven’t we been doing this with AVI for years?  Haven’t garage operators been able to set up credit card accounts so people can enter and leave garage without stopping to pay?  Haven’t debit accounts been set up so money can automatically be deducted from a person’s account without human or mechanical intervention?

Oh, but the scientists say, this is a new technology where microchips are inserted into adhesive foil attached to the vehicles windshield. Never been done before.

I’m sure you could have fooled most of the AVI companies including Transcore, Sirit, Tagmaster, and Nedap. They have been testing and marketing these products for quite a while now, and if you consider full blown AVI, for what, 20 years.

It’s nice when science catches up with the marketplace.


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