Death Panels and Parking

Well maybe not actual DEATH panels, but its a slippery slope.

Both here and over on PT’s  facebook page the local populace has been talking about the New Hampshire liquor board and the offering of priority parking for EVs in its parking lot. They were doing so to get a LEED certification, such as it is. Read about it here.

So what has happened.  Well, the desire to get EV’s subsidized and keep General Motors in business and receive kudos from the Environmental Groups has basically rolled over the handicapped.  The EV spots are closer than the handicapped spots. Hell, why have any handicapped spots at all, they probably all drive big honking vans anyway. Let em walk.

What began I’m sure as an idea to entice EV ownership has begun to take on a life of its own. LEED leaning designers are providing so called “environmental” parking spaces at the expense of other, certainly more deserving, drivers. Is there a rule somewhere in the “LEED” handbook that says just how close these spaces must be to get certification points? Is there a number that must be there per 1000 square feet.

So a non governmental panel is now urging us to install parking spaces at the expense of the handicapped?  The president has already told us, using his grandmother as an example, that we will need to prioritize our health care and some appointed panel somewhere will make decisions as to who gets what medicine or treatment.

Now someone, and maybe its just the guy who installed the signs, is making a decision as to how far people with EV’s have to walk and how far disabled folks have to walk.

Extreme. Sure — this is one parking lot on one building in New Hampshire. But do you really, REALLY think that it will end here.


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