EVs Distance vs Time

From correspondent Mark:

Here’s what I see as the problem with all the electric car talk and trying to sell it as a commuting benefit, they focus too much on the “miles” you can drive versus the more critical issue of the “time” it takes you to drive those miles.  A 15 mile commute for one person may only take 20 minutes, but for another it may take 30 or more.  Is the “range” based on constant movement, or does it account for idling time?   What if I get stuck in traffic (wreck) and sit still for 20 minutes, then creep along at 5 mph for the next 10 minutes?  In Central Florida the same trip can take 20-30 minutes one day and an hour the next, people just don’t think in terms of distance as much as they do the amount of time it takes to cover that distance.

When I look at rechargeable tools, batteries, flashlights, etc they all use “time” as the measurement for what I can expect from a full charge, that’s what the auto industry needs to focus on.  “Distance” only matters on highway travel, for errands and commuting “time” is the bigger factor.

Well Said


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