Free Parking for Veterans

NO, Non, Nyet, Nada — This is getting ridiculous.  I am a veteran. I served for three years during the height of the Vietnam War.  I never fired a shot, never saw a Vietnamese, never sat foot “In Country.”  I had a cushy job working for a bunch of civilians in Okinawa, which has the same climate as Hawaii.  The Officer’s clubs were great, the food cheap, the housing outstanding. What possible reason can there be for me to get free parking from anyone.

Now, had I been hurt and received a disability, then super. But that would be handled by the disability/handicapped rules we have now. However, if I could get around OK and didn’t need the space, then I shouldn’t get it.

We are getting carried away with all this free for this, free for that stuff.  Handicapped, EVs veterans, what next? If a private landowner wants to put up signs for veterans, pregnant moms, the aged, people whose birthday it is today,  that the business of the landowner. The city, county, state or federal government should have nothing, zero, zip to do with it.


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