Is nobody in this City capable of simple math;

Mark Says:

“…….the city’s parking department has known of the glitch for five years. But the decision was made to increase enforcement rather than fix the error in the programming in the smart card’s chip, which would cost $40,000. The parking card makes up seven per cent of about $5 million in parking revenue…….The city’s parking branch “is aware they’re losing some revenue, but it’s a smaller amount than what the fix would be,” he said…..”

7% of the $5 million in revenues is $350,000.   Even if only 5%-10% of the card holders are participating in this scam then they’ve been losing anywhere from $17,500 to $35,000 a year for 5 years, that’s significantly more than $40,000 and it’s an even bigger loss when you add in the labor cost of the increased enforcement.  Who knows what the impact on sales and customers for downtown businesses has been over the last 5 years with all these meters being monopolized all day by employees.

This is another on of those where you just have to shake your head and move on.



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One Response to Is nobody in this City capable of simple math;

  1. Keith says:

    How about an ordinance that says you must move your car off the block after the time is expired? We do this in our city to encourage sharing of a limited resource.

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