Parking and the First Day of School

From Doug:

Some of the absurdity of dealing with parking on an academic campus as exhibited by the parents with whom you deal.  From the C Park L List serve:

Response 1-I always love when the out of state resident students who are not eligible to park show up with their cars and expect to be able to purchase a permit because their professor said it would be “no problem”.  That is always a pile of fun.  I have started to tell them to tell the professor that the parking lady said it will be no problem for them to get an “A” in their class either.

Response 2- I got one today saying that their professor kept them late and would vouch that they okayed the student to park in the handicapped space.  Student hasn’t come up with the professor’s name yet.

Response 3- I got a call from a parent requesting special permission to park a new convertible in the F/S parking deck because “parking in the elements will ruin the top.” My suggestion was a car cover.

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