Something Is Very Wrong Here

IN this article it says that in China, more than 23,000 parking spaces were created in Beijing in 2010 – but 700,000 new cars hit the road there…..”. Fair enough. But isn’t their some regulation in China that you can’t buy a car unless you can prove you have a parking space for it?

Something is way out of kilter in the glorious people’s republic. If 35 times as many cars were sold there must have been one hell of a lot of empty parking space. What is going to happen this year?  No car sales, huge increase in parking space constructions?

My guess is that like most central planning, it just went wrong. If the Chinese government would just get out of the way, I’ll be the free market could come up with tons of parking in no time at all.

That is, if the goal is for people to actually have cars.


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