Still Beating that Horse

I know, I know — Can’t I give the EVs a break. But its such a target rich environment.

Here’s an article about the donation of a couple of chargers to be placed in the parking lots of Louisiana State. Fair enough. The only problem is that the aren’t selling EVs in Louisiana.  And when they do, will the expensive cars be the vehicle of choice for local, poor, students? Or will they continue to drive clunkers, like we all did in school.?

I know they want to be “ahead of the curve,” but this all goes to “looking green, appearing green, and feeling good about green.” In this case it also allowed the local utility to get some good ink in the local press.

Why can’t these organizations do something that actually helps — like raising prices on parking  and thus enticing students to car pool and not drive.  As has been pointed out here before, removing three cars off the road with a four person carpool, even if the remaining car is an SUV, does much more than ‘enticing’ the four people to drive EVs.

Think about it — the 20MPG car is now getting the equivalent of 80 MPG, traffic and congestion is reduced 75%, only one space is take in the parking lot, rather than 4, and three vehicles don’t have to be manufactured.

However, the school and utility are doing something that will make little or no difference in traffic, congestion, parking, and emissions, certainly for many years.  Yeah, but they will feel good about it.



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